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Elizabeth Horne performed this for the Guinness World Records as part of the Paul O'Grady show, which was shown on Channel 4 in the UK in May, 2007.

Elizabeth bent twelve 24" long x 1/2" (actually 12.39mm) HRS bars in the 1 minute allocated time for the Guninness World Record.

Ladies use 24" long x 1/2" (12mm) HRS bars. Men use 30" long x 5/8" (16mm) HRS bars.

1. Allocated time is 1 minute, and any bar not bent fully in the time is not allowed.

2. A bar is bent fully in 'Speed Bending' when it attains a 90 degree or more angle. The bars will be checked at the end.

3. The bar may be bent over the knee, leg, head, neck, stomach or even in the mouth. The bar cannot be bent on the floor, or using your feet.

4. You can use gloves or a leather wrap for hand protection, and a towel for leg protection. You can strap the towel to your leg with a knee wrap so that the towel stays in place.

Video of Speed bending from the Champion of Steel contest.

Men's Record 30" x 5/8" (16mm) bars

1st) Dave Johnson - 10 bars bent - 10 April 2010 - Stafford, England Video
2nd) Peter Mehl - 5 bars bent - 7 Dec 2009 - Bismark, North Dakota, USA Video

Women's Record 24" x 1/2" (12mm) bars

1st) Elizabeth Horne - 12 bars bent (Guinness World Record) - 22 May 2007 - Paul O'Grady TV show, BBC Studio, London, England


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