Stonelifting in Scotland -- Part 1

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Stonelifting in Scotland -- Part 1

Postby ThorstenM » Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:05 pm

Edinburgh; Potarch; Crathie; Dalwhinnie; Aberfeldy and back :lol:

Part 1

First off, sorry David that it took that long to write something together about our Clach Cuid Fir journey in Scotland.

We (Thomas Becker, Martin Kotte, Dirk Mertins and I) decided some months ago to do this trip and on April, 8th we flew out from Duesseldorf to Edingburgh.

Dirk booked for the whole trip the Potarch hotel – what can I say? – Che, the new owner of the Potarch hotel and his team – FANTASTIC hospitality! We arrived late and we needed to pick up the car, driving few hours to the hotel (with several driver changes – guys, sorry….you STILL drive on the “wrong” lane ;-) )

So we arrived very late and Che prepared so much good food and provided gallons of beers for the “German stonelifters” :oops:
Good times!

We had a quick view at the “Dinnies” and I thought:

“Hmmm, David mentioned they are massive, HUGE….nope; they are not”
(I will come back to it in a second…. :!: )

The next morning I woke up early and I decided to explore the environment a bit.

I left the hotel and directly saw the Dinnies again…Holy Cow……Did I mentioned they are not massive and HUGE?


I walked to the River Dee, took some pics and went back to the hotel.
Dirk was also up and we decided to wake up Martin and Thomas.
After a solid British hot breakfast we drove directly to Crathie.

The Inver was waiting – Dirk and Thomas decided to give him some air!




It was only a time of seconds and the big Inver lost!

Congrats my friend, this was really impressive!!!!

Thomas was directly prepared for the lift:





I spoiled the last and final picture (as always) - my mistake but this should not devalue Thomas fantastic lift.
As a side note: Thomas NEVER trained stonelifting before......i am scared buddy...

In Part 2:

Dalwhinnie stone / Menzies Stone and the Dinnies stones!

Stay tuned :roll:
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Re: Stonelifting in Scotland -- Part 1

Postby David Horne » Sat Apr 24, 2010 8:01 am

Nice pics, and write up.
Great, look forward to part 2.

Well done guys!
Consistency is key!
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Re: Stonelifting in Scotland -- Part 1

Postby Graeme » Sat Apr 24, 2010 8:34 pm

Great stuff. Enjoyed that.
Did any of you attempt the dinne lift in full 98both stones (together),was it planned in to your trip
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