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Climbing and Bending

This section is for any person who wants to combine these two pursuits. Believe me it is fun!

I think we'll start the height at 2,000ft (609.60mtrs). Please give the measurements of the steel/nail as shown below, and also the details of the climb. You can find most details online or on your OS map. See the links below.


Saturday 20 October, 2007

Venue: Mt. Pen-yr Ole Wen (3,209ft), Mt. Carnedd Dafydd (3,425ft), Mt. Carnedd Llewelyn (3,491ft), Wales.

David Horne
Success with a 27" x 16.11mm hrs bar on Mt. Pen-yr Ole Wen, Wales.(New British Record) Video
Failed with a 12.75" x 12.04mm hrs bar on Mt. Carnedd Dafydd, Wales.

Elizabeth Horne
Failed with a 17.75" x 12.46mm hrs bar on Mt. Carnedd Dafydd, Wales.

Start: Ogwen car park
Total walking/climbing time: 8 hrs
Distance: About 9 miles.
Elevation at start: About 1,017ft (310m)
Highest point climbed: 3,425ft (1044m) Carnedd Dafydd
Peaks climbed: Pen-yr Ole Wen (3,209ft) and Carnedd Dafydd (3,425ft)
Weather: Clear skies.
Description: It was a good upward walk, mixed with some scrambling to get to the peak of Pen-yr Ole Wen in near 2.5hrs, the walk towards Carnedd Dafydd was down then up along a ridge. After this we walked to the end of the ridge near Carnedd Llewelyn, and decided to make our way down an 'easy grassy slope' according to another climber! It took 2 hours of hard work! It was real adventure stuff with me sinking in a bog up to my knees, climbing through a gap in a wall that was over a small river, and navigating rocks and bogs. This finished the day off nicely, and boy were we glad when we got changed at the car park into trainers and clean & dry clothing.


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